Monday, March 17, 2008

Time Trial Test

Yesterday I headed out on the P2sL for a time trial on the airport service road. Had a nice 15 mph tailwind on the first portion, but was quite a battle into the headwind after the turnaround.

The highlight was a 737 that flew directly above me at about 100 feet on its final approach. I'm sure dozens of people on the plane we're thinking, "There's Brady on the p2Sl -- look at that fella go!"

I watched the heart rate monitor throughout the ride, keeping it between 165 - 172 bpm until the last quarter mile. During the tailwind portion, I was not having any serious effort going 29mph, but coming back was a struggle to maintain 19 without going redline.

Anyway, here were the results:
Distance: 9.36 miles
Time: 24:37
Avg mph: 22.81
Max heartrate: 185
Avg heartrate: 168

Sigh. While it was 8 seconds faster than the same effort last November, I've got work to do here.


  1. It'll get there. Just keep putting in a long ride a week, then do one or two intensity days during the week. It's early in the season. In fact, it'd be bad to be flying already unless you had a race coming within the next month.

  2. And another thing ...

    It is early. 8 seconds is quite a difference. Especially if it was less windy last time - because the headwind hurts you more than the tailwind helps. Your best TT's will be on calm days.

  3. And another thing ...

    What was the weather like last time you did it. If you had less gear on, you would go faster as well.

  4. 11/24/2007: 35 F
    10-12mph SW winds w/16mph gusts.
    Tailwind after turnaround

    03/16/2008: 39 F
    15mph SE winds
    Tailwind before turnaround

    Other than adding booties for 3/16, I wore the exact same gear for both TTs.

  5. The next question is, had you been riding your P2sl a bunch before your TT in Nov? If you were comfortable during the first one, and still recovering from various bike fitting issues during this recent test, then the difference is more meaningful.

    Just keep training and you'll get there.

  6. P2sl: I don't recall riding that a ton before hand. However, you're probably right about the issues with the recent bike fitting & recovery. I'd say that I rode at about 95% full strength as I didn't want to stress it too much.

    And I'm not unhappy with the results. I was still a little faster and it's at the beginning of the season. Plus, I was riding by myself. Last time, there were a few others that simulated some of the feelings of racing.