Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Half Ironman on the Calendar

Ironman 70.3 Lawrence, KS
June 15, 2008

I'm in.


  1. Quick! Tape some stuff to your bike and get that strange tank top on! Time's a wasting!

    I'd be happy to half-cheer for you, half-accompany you on runs and support you in a half-assed way.

  2. I'm not quite sure I know what you mean here Bryan. But to clarify, I won't be taping jack to my ride. And by jack, I mean your son.

  3. I'll be ready to pace you on your swims piloting the Murphini II....

    Cool. Get Trendy & K-Ren to join and it'll be our family reunion.

  4. You definitely shouldn't tape Jack to your bike. He's bad at steering.

    By taping stuff to your bike, I meant gels, eletrolyte tabs and cookies. I know a couple of tri-dudes who befoul their bikes with all sorts of crap. And duct tape.

  5. Murphini:
    Perhaps a late spring road ride and open water training along side of the Murphini could work in the calendar.

    I got ya, bra; I won't be taping anything that could befoul (11 scrabble points!) my rig.

    And no funky tri tank top for me. Along with two turn-tables and a microphone, the ORCA tri one piece is where it's at.

    And thanks for the half-assed cheering. You're my hero, Bryan.