Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Corn Hole

As of stated previously, I am no longer just a runner. This whole triathlon training thing has changed my focus from simply training runs to multi-sport.

So it follows that I also have switched my race calendar. For example, over the past three years I've run the Omaha running club's 5K Blarney Stone. It's been a good base measure of my running fitness early in the season, but this time I decided to skip it.

It's probably a wise choice because the increased cycling mileage was perhaps too aggressive, inflaming the hamstring tendon in my left leg. That's my theory at least. So if I pushed it by racing yesterday, I could have aggravated that more.

I did go easier this past week by omitting the hellaciously-long weekend ride. I missed it. A lot. Instead, I did a cycling time trial. In itself this could have been risky but with the reduced cycling mileage (volume) and a vow to not push it too hard, I managed just fine. In fact, the good news is that the hamstring is definitely on the mend.

Less running, more cycling & swimming. Keep the long term focus. Don't forget to rest. These have been some of my mantras.

Oh yeah...Corn Hole? You'll have to ask Fredcube about that one. You see, my boy entered (and ran!) last year's Blarney Stone 5K --it was his first competitive foot race in years, possible ever. Anyway, when I pulled up a chair to get a post-race debriefing, Fred was engrossed in a heady conversation about the rules and etiquette of the game known as Corn Hole. Go figure. He then brushed me aside and curtly said to google it to find out more about it. He didn't have time for an amateur corn-holer. Well, I haven't followed his suggestion, so you'll have to google it or try to seek the advice from Corn Holer Hinsley yourself. Kissing the Blarney Stone will give you good luck!


  1. Speaking of the Blarney Stone ... should you ever find yourself at Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland, do NOT kiss the Blarney Stone. The local hooligans piss on it at night.

  2. Hooligans? Perhaps, but not to be confused with the corn hole term "Shenanigans" which of course is any foul play such as stepping over the line, interference, distractions, or throwing out of turn.

  3. isn't there a Bevis & B---Head episode about the mythical being cornholio?

  4. there's nothing mythical about Cornholio, I assure you.