Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Frosty Fingers

Rode into morning practice today on the GT Karakoram. It was 19 F. I wore woolie and two base layers, tights and cycling shorts, amfibs, balaclava, skull cap, mountain bike gloves and liners. Everything was perfect execpt for the hands. Fingies were quite cold...need to invest in better hand protection for this type of riding.

Felt tired during swimming practice. Had difficulty holding form and pace was off. Not sure what's going on there as I rested yesterday. Oh well, some days are better than others.

While the sun rose during swimming practice, it was only 22 F on the bike commute to work afterwards. Fingers again were on the verge of frostbite by the time I arrived. Not fun there. As this winter is coming to an end, I'll likely go fish on eBay for some lobster gloves to rectify this situation.

On a different note, I ended up drilling the holes in the work bench last night and finished installing the bike repair stand. It works! However, I still need to do some modifications to it. My seat post doesn't have enough clearance for the hinged tee to hold it properly. I successfully mounted the bike at the seat post tube (near the water bottle cages), but will need to cut some old inner tube/tires to use as protective packing material for the clamp. The 1/4 tube insulation foam is too thick for the frame as is.

When I get a chance, I'll write up a better critique of this workstand with comments about what to look out for if you should try to build one of your own.


  1. Look for some sweet gloves in the summer, or right before next year's winter stuff comes out. Or now. You should be able to find something pretty substantial for not too much.

  2. I'd like to say support the shops, but they are indeed quite an investment.

    You could take mine off my hands (Ha!) and replace them with a Chipotle burrito per hand. That cost would be in the neighborhood of $12-$15, depending on how fancy a burrito you want. With regard to my lobster gloves, there's not much loft left and I'll definitely wash them before selling, but they are still nice and warm. Let me know if you're interested.

  3. Sold! I'll happily barter for some Chipotle burritos.