Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fred Saw Me Riding Twice Today

As you may already know, Fredcube saw me this morning commuting into work. Here's the really cool thing: I saw Fred riding too. Way to go, chap! Glad you could finally roll that rim you put on layaway for six months.

Then, Fred saw me a second time on one of the famous lunch rides at the Union Pacific.

Oh, and hold the press...RF saw me too! It's kind of funny, RF was down at the U.P. to have his father see him. That's when RF saw Fred. Or did Fred see RF? Wait - why do I care?

So anyway, Fred must have cued RF about my pending appearance because RF had a pleasant countenance about him when he saw me (instead of the usual mob scene).

We talked about some real important stuff, like a tour in California that some bazillionaire is gonna buy and how RF was going to ride his motorcycle thingy in Red Rocks, which I believe is in Montana somewhere. After like 30 seconds, I got tired of all the heady stuff and cut the chit-chat for a fabulous ride on Old Yeller.

Ho hum. I wonder who's gonna see me next?

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