Sunday, March 23, 2008

Merry Thanksgiving!

Who among you have stopped long enough to take an account of what holiday we just breezed through?

How about just taking a pause long enough to eat dinner that didn't amount to stuffing your face in less than five minutes?

I'd be happy to hear about the one who sat down and did absolutely nothing for a minute.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm as guilty as the next guy.

Simply put, there are lots of us that could just take a week or two off to do nothing but watch time go by s l o w l y. Take my neighbor: today he wished me a Happy Thanksgiving after we passed on the street while walking our dogs. It took him 10 seconds to stumble through the holidays to finally nail, "Happy Easter!" with gusto a few houses later.

When I related this story to Ms. Katherine, she was able to top it. She said that someone wished her a Merry Christmas immediately after walking out of Easter Sunday service this morning. Christmas? Thanksgiving? Do I hear a call for Festivus?

Ho hum.

So here's what I decided. I need to apply my influence and implore you to take a five minute vacation from life. You have my permission. It only has to be a solitary effort -- an attempt at taking an account for where you are now, on this planet during this millennium. To sweeten the deal, I'll even throw in a crisp George Washington to the first among you who responds with how you slowed down to catch up.

If this task is too daunting to know where to begin, here's a little meditation exercise that may help you focus on nothingness. I'm serious here. It goes like this:
1) Sit down and shut your eyes.
2) Inhale while slowly counting to four.
3) Hold your breath for a slow four-count.
4) Exhale while slowly counting to four.
5) Repeat five times.
While doing this, try not to think of anything at all. Just wipe the slate clean.

I'm always amazed it how much better I feel afterwards. In fact, it makes me feel like skipping.

So c'mon, give it a try. Happy Easter!


  1. I tried this "meditation" exercise and finally got completely calm until one vision popped into my head.


    As in you owe me a couple for gloves and such.

    How's that for deep thoughts?

  2. Oh yeah, and merry happy Easter to you can Catherine.

  3. Um, please replace can with and in the previous post. That is all.

  4. I was visualizing whirled peas....

    Actually, we did sit down to a nice Easter Dinner yesterday with my in-laws.

    Sarah (13 year old daughter) nailed it when she said she liked Easter and Thanksgiving because they are about family, being together, little commercialization or presents. (She also did say she enjoyed the church service, so had a semi-religious tone....)

    We Murphini's have a Easter Tradition where we each choose a colored easter egg and tap it with person next to you until it cracks, winners move on. Round end first, pointy end second. No hammer drops, just tappity-taps...

    Here's to a great Pentecost!

  5. Congratulations Mike, you win! I'll be mailing the crisp $1 bill ASAP. As for the lobster gloves IOU: do you prefer cash or a gift card from Chipotle?

    Murphini: You guys do it right. Way to be the family man.

    Bryan: I know you read this but were too exhausted to comment. Get caught up on your sleep and hydration.

    Fred: I know you read this but don't care. Anyway, you're probably too busy with your new job to notice any details right now. By the way, it's Monday March 24, 2008 - the first day of your new job.

    As for me, I fell asleep on the third iteration of the visualization exercise, but I didn't dream of holding live fish in my hands