Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The BCM Brand

Recently, I googled to see what the folks were saying about the BCM brand. What's the BCM brand? That's me -- those are my initials, even when you call me Barry.

So like I was saying, in a moment of confessed narcissism, I took a peek-a-loo to see what was being reporting about my good name, the BCM brand in Omaha, NE.

The Google reported lots of stuff. Most of it was about cycling, and most of that was on gamjams-midwest site. But one outlier that caught me eye was the Annoying comment #1082 thread on, a one-stop triathlon training calendar and forum. Apparently on this forum, a user by the handle "DEMIGODKNIGHT" (profile) was advising other beginner triathletes from his racing experiences. The problem was, he didn't use his own racing resume. He used mine!

See for yourself:

You barely did any training? More likely: you didn't train and didn't race. That was my time from the 2007 Cornhusker State Games, and I didn't spend over 1000 hours training over two years to have some poser claim those results and say how easy it was to finish a triathlon.

Oh no, you're not damaging the BCM brand on my dime, buster.

Fortunately another user, tdk.teacher, was skeptical of his results

Not to be outdone, DEMIGODKNIGHT went on the offensive and attacked with more of my results, this time even trotting out Old Yeller!

Oh no he didn't! Hey demigod-guy, the BCM brand was founded on that $500 aluminum yellow bike! I'm not gonna take this abuse from you.

Then, user 'Steve in IL' came to my defense. He looked up the race results that DGK was claiming. My results came up as an an instant match.

Hmmm. Funny how those results are precisely the same as those of some guy named Brady Murphy, a 37 year old who finished 5th overall at the 2007 Cornhusker State Games Triathlon.

5 1/31 208 Brady Murphy I 37 M Omaha NE 5 13:17 1:16 1:06 25 36:21 20.5 1:12 5 18:50 6:04 1:10:43

Dude. That's weak. Care to fess up? Or are you also lying about your name, and age?

Yes indeed, the BCM brand is all about 'some guy named Brady Murphy'. Thank you for recognizing that, Steve in IL. After that post, things took a turn for the worse for DGK. Another user found my athlete profile at and posted it. The pile-on followed swiftly. DGK wasn't heard from again.

Ugh. This whole thread is pathetic. Truly. Even blogging about it is annoying, but other than the fantastic ice beard I'm currently growing, I've got little else to blog about lately.

Well DEMIGODKNIGHT, or Robert, or whoever you are, I hope you've learned your lesson: DON'T MESS WITH THE BCM BRAND.