Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Left Knee

I haven't seen this movie. I heard it's good. I heard it's boring too. Other than the left knee's close proximity to the left foot, it is used here for dramatic effect to build tension about the current condition at hand.


Dear Left Knee,

I've been neglecting listening to you.

As you're painfully aware, I've cycling more lately. I'm commuting to work more, have been on the trainer this winter (a first) and have completed two long rides before March 1st.

While I thought that this would be acceptable cross training that you could handle, I've made an error in judgment and I owe you an amends.

You see, I've take the time to reflect about what's caused the dysfunction between us. Here's some areas that have exacerbated the problem:
* Lifting: 2.5 x body weight on hip sled too quickly
* Mashing: incorporating mashing drills into rides
* New cycling shoes and SPD Pedals without a cleat fit
* Raising Old Yeller's seat post
* Volume of riding: more than ever previously

All of this has been hard on you. I understand that now. You began hinting to me subtly through cramping and slight twinges of pain. Then, it became more pronounced and regular as the problem festered for more than a couple of days at a time. While it's not at a crisis, I recognize that I'm not made of steel and you are not bullet proof. I may have to scale back a bit.

So allow me the grace to admit this humbly: you are right. I am wrong. I am sorry.

Aw shucks, c'mon baby, please - - PLEASE!! take me back! It'll be like old times, I swear!

I yearn for you tragically,

Psst: so who's up for the Louisville loop this weekend?


  1. Dude, there's no way Chris is going to let me ride all the way to Kentucky.

  2. Who said anything about Council Bluffs?