Saturday, January 19, 2008

Polar Training

0-10°F in the big 'O today? I wasn't going to let that get in the way of some serious training. So after throwing a bowl of warm steel-cut oats down my pie hole, this is what I did today: I went for a swim. After that I thought, what the heck, why not go for a run?

Workout #1: Swim 90 minutes
Masters swim workout at 9:00 AM at UNO's natatorium. This was the third swim practice the past week. 2600 yards in roughly 90 minutes.

Workout #2: Run 90 minutes
Time: 4:00 PM
Weather: 10°F, but thankfully no wind

A 12 mile there and back route south along the keystone in mixed conditions of snow pack streets and trail with patches of bare spots and 3 inch drifts.

Eyelashes were caked in ice and water bottles were frozen after this 90 min run. That, and the balaclava had briny saliva in front of my mouth. Felt like I was being choked as it wouldn't pass much air through when I inhaled. Had to ditch the balaclava after 75 minutes.

Thermal under shirt & 2 tech shirts, a balaclava, tuke, gloves + liners, thermal pants and nylon shells. Just about right except for the problems with the balaclava.

Workout Goals:
1) Foot cadence at 180/min. Accomplished.
2) Heart rate < 160. Only went over 160 briefly on hills

12 miles at 7:50 mile pace
1212 calories from 40% fat
Avg heart rate=150
Max = 167 on hill

Tomorrow: the revenge of the trainer.

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  1. That run seems less than comfortable. But I've done that, too. I did a group run at 7 on a Sunday morning when it was about 5 below with wind chills. After that, I ran home, which was about 7 miles. Along the way, the wind kicked up and dropped the chill down to 12 below, I think. And then afterward, Chris wanted to do her run, so I changed clothes and went with her. I was really cold after that.