Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5 Degrees of Steel-Cut

I've reached a new low temperature run at 5°F. Because it was warmer during the day, I didn't realize that it was that 5°F when I left for my commute home. Daaaaaaaang!

After about 25 minutes, my toes became a little numb and stingy. I'm pretty sure that this was a running-first for me. Now I know that one pair of wool socks and running shoes just isn't going to cut it in those temperatures.

Distance About 5 miles
Elapsed time: 38:19
Pace: 8 min/mile
Avg BPM: 157
Max BPM: 180
Calories: 522 from 35% fat

* 2 long sleeve tech shirts and a fleece vest
* black stocking cap & Thinsulate Fleece mittens
* Thermals and Nylon shell pants
* 1 pair of smartwool socks
* Nathan & Co Reflective vest
* backpack

Along the way, I passed Fred playing golf at the old Chili Green's. Nice form. I like your tuke. Fore!


  1. I wore all of that stuff but stayed inside. I'm so hardcore.

  2. I don't "play golf". I golf. Please don't post photos of me golfing without my approval. I was supposed to be studying. Thank you.

  3. Fine. F You too. By the way, you don't golf. You shank. Geeaz!