Sunday, January 6, 2008

Aught Eight

Saturday' morning's eight mile recap with Mike & Bryan.

Elapsed Time: 1:06
Pace: 8:15/mile
Estimated Calories: 853 from 40% fat burn
Max Heart Rate: 179
Average: 151

Geez. I've run longer distances that felt better than that one. I'm a little nicked up in the knees and generally didn't feel that great running. Maybe I wore too much clothing.

2008 hasn't started out on a very good note. It began on New Year's morning when my car's thermostat seized in the single digit temperatures and nearly cause the engine to overheat. When I tried to fix it, I snapped off a brittle little plastic valve that regulates air emissions. Fantastic! In the end, I took it to the shop and paid $200 for a job I could have done for about $20.

So while wallowing in my woes, I saw the Jenny Craig ad featuring the former Mrs. Eddie Van Halen on the tube. Jenny appears to have the answers. So anyway, I'm thinking of giving her a call because Valerie says that in doing so I could be my best New Year's ever.

I can't wait to wake up on New Year's Day 2009!

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  1. I kinda wondered if that run was not a little shorter than originally thought. I think the hills make it seem like it's longer? It was fun, but man am I sore. I either need to not run, or run more often. No more 2 weeks off at a time.