Monday, January 21, 2008

Polar Training 2

Tonight's run home from work was the most enjoyable training run I've had since I can't remember when. Although it was 14°F with 18mph headwinds, I was dressed smartly. The 5.5 miles in the heavy snowfall accompanied by my crunching footfall was the tonic I needed to a stressful workday.

Now that was special.


  1. Been enjoying your polar training. Few questions:

    Logistically how do you get back/forth? Meaning;
    • Do you have a locker room/shower at UP
    • Do you leave your laptop at the office
    • What do you carry to work
    • How do you carry it? Backpack?
    • Running Shoes v. work shoes

    When I commute on my bike I do the following:
    • Wear biking undershorts, polatrec sweat pants
    • I wear regular shoes since my Fixed Gear has the original pedals. Use my booties when cold.
    • I pack my work clothes/nice shoes in one of my panniers
    • I strap my laptop on my rear rack.
    • I bring a washcloth, small towel & some BO juice in my bag.
    • When I get to office I bring pannier(s) into office
    • We have one large ADA restroom that I go into, strip down, towel off, an do a spongish bath with washcloth
    • Since I’m half bald, need no hair combing, etc
    • Change into my regular clothes
    • Bring my wicking layer t-shirt to my office and drape it over my trashcan (hidden) so it dries.

    I reverse the process for the way home. It's only a 6 mile commute, most about 1/3rd on a bike path, 1/2 on backroads/neighborhoods, and 1/12th on sidewalk and last 1/12th on busy street.

    With my red-strobe blinkie and tri-newt helmet light I'm very conspicuous.

    I have ridden in the 20's, but not yet in the 0-10's weather. The frozen snow on the bike path and the sidewalk deters my commutability...

  2. One of the benefits of working at UP is a helluva nice employee's gym that's well equipped and free for employees and spouse It also has a free towel svc & daily lockers. (Attn: annual performance reviewers: note my UP plug). I waited 6 years for a rental locker and now pay $12 a quarter for its usage. It's money well spent as I keep all toiletries there.

    Santa gave me this Soloman Raid Revo adventure racing bag this year. My old bag plain sucked. This one is well worth the money. It's adjustable and form fitting and is great for a day's worth of clothes and lunch. I attach my dress shoes to the external helmet carrier. NB: I don't carry a laptop. While my mountain bike has a rack and panniers, I use the pack for both runs or rides when I commute on Old Yeller or the P2sl.

    Sounds like you've got your routine worked out pretty well, especially considering the no shower thing. I don't know what else you could do to improve it.

    Anyone else on commuting routine?