Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let's Get Ready to rrrrrrrrrrrRUMBLE!!!

In a bit of posturing yesterday, the NCAA posted its future list of NCAA championship host cities. Omaha was not listed as the CWS home for 2011.

However, the list did include the Qwest center as the home for the 2010 NCAA Wrestling championship. This piece of news aught to bode well for the Omaha sports fan. After all, wrestling, err wrasslin', has a strong tradition in the big O!

Indeed some of the greats, including Maurice Vachon and Dick the Bruiser were home grown wrestling talent.

So anyway, what's all the panic for about losing the CWS?

I can't wait to see the next generation of talent pick up from where the likes of Macho Man Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior left off. Maybe Ms Elizabeth and Scary Sherri will be there too. All of this in the beautiful Qwest center!

With such excitement, will we even miss the CWS?


  1. note to self: make sure you've the newspaper by 2010.

  2. left the newspaper. make sure you've left the newspaper. maybe I should leave right now ...