Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Bet the Mavs Could Beat the Longhorns

The way Nebraska and Texas played, it's quite possible.

That's the funniest thing in this blog, so you can stop reading now if you'd like to.

Mavericks Grind Out 13-3 Win

Anyway, here's my weekend update:

1) Ms Katherine and I watched the entire Disc 4 of NBC Must See TV: Heroes. Woo! That Sylar's a nasty feller.

2) Before going to bed, I checked the blogotubes. LOL on shim's fredcube comment about "going to hell". Seriously Fred, I don't want to spend eternity in hell, especially with you.

1) Met a couple of friends at Zorinksi for a 12 mile run at dark:thirty in the morning. Saw three deer in the moonlight. The deer scared the crap out of my friend Mike, who had the fight/flight syndrome; it was one of those things that's only funny being there while endorphins course through your veins. Quite hilarious, though.

2) I had a very enjoyable lunch with Ms Katherine and one of her friends at the Korean House in Bellevue. Munched on all kinds of BBQ meats, kimchi, bean sprouts and Korean pan cake. The Korean House is right next to the Offut base entrance on 24th St. I recommend.

3) While watching the Huskers implode in the 4th and coming up with the creative title to this blog, I had a negative reaction to shim's google mirror-mirror hungarian notation comment. Being forced to think like Charles Simonyi is not unlike going to hell. I think Shim made an effective point. I've since repented. Fred, you're on your own.

Church at Glad Tidings in the morning followed by another trip to the Donut Professor. It's kind of a pattern. This time, I stepped out on a limb and went for the blueberry cake donut. It was delicious. I actually hoped to see the Shabbos+1 group at the store. Just some scrubby kid with dirty hair and shoes plopped up on the bench opposite him while he shrewdly ate an apple fritter. You could plainly see that he didn't care about anything but the immediacy of that donut. Needless to say, the kid's got promise to one day carry the Shabbos+1 tradition.

A productive afternoon involved cleaning the house and tearing out old growth and weeds in the front yard around the house.

At 4pm, I was finally able to get the Cervélo out for a 90 minute solo down the keystone to Capehart road and back. Man, it felt great. Well, at least the first 75 minutes of it did. The last 15 minutes I was feeling dizzy and my legs were totally wiped out. I struggled to maintain 15 mph with a tail wind and barely made it up the small hill on 52nd St between Western and Hamilton.


  1. I we start Shabbos +1 at Donut Professor, we won't be riding very far. I love donuts. Therefore, I try to stay away from them. I have, maybe, 4-5 per year. So tasty ... so bad for you ...

  2. Yes, but the Donut Professor's are at least transfat free

  3. But what about saturated fat? Ouch. And calories? And ... mmm ... donuts ....