Monday, September 3, 2007

Competitve Eating

The Black Widow ate 173 Buffalo wings in 12 minutes to cap off a summer of competitive eating. That's quite a feat!

Just two months ago, six time defending hot dog champ Takeru Kobayashi devoured 63 HDB (hot dog and buns), eight more than his previous best, and finished second to Joey Chestnut. Golly. How'd you like to eat 63 HDBs and finish second?

Anyway, these competitions seem to favor the sprint-eater. These are short events, ending in 15 minutes. Couldn't they host a marathon eating competition for the slow-twitch jowlers? I mean, could you imagine what a person could put down in a two hour competition? A whole side of beef?

Perhaps the Old Country Buffet could host it. I have witnessed such athletes working up a sweat while eating there.

Let the games begin!

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