Thursday, September 6, 2007

Black Squirrel Triathlon

Despite missing a turn on the bike that caused a mile detour, I still had a pretty good race.

People laugh when I tell them that the swim was in Lake Manawa. They think it's like the East River when that served as NYC's sewer. Come to think about it, it is kinda funny that we swim in that Council Bubba cesspool. It actually justifies the wet suit & goggles. Thankfully, my mouth was clenched-shut too.

Anyway, I felt like death after the swim. Not because of the water quality, but because I wailed and flailed. Here's a post-swim picture that scares me.

Swim: I remember feeling as bad as I look. In truth, I felt worse. Note: secondary protective skin, goggles and cap.

Swim to Bike Transition: Here, I have recovered a bit. Gee. I wonder if the American Red Cross can find my vein to draw blood. I'd better have that looked at.

Next, I'm getting ready to transition off the bike to the run. I normally ride with my feet in my generally works better that way. But here the photographer captured a time-saving technique of spinning on top of the shoes during the last quarter mile. Earlier, my calves were cramping on the first five miles before I settled in to a 21.8 mph avg. time trial.

Unfortunately for you viewers, there isn't a photo of me running. It's too bad because I really felt like barfing at the run transition and couldn't get the breathing managed for the first two miles. This would have made for a fine photo opportunity. Still, after the first two splits at 6:50, 7:34, I ran negatives splits from there (6:34, 6:09, 6:09, 6:08).

With this race, I have completed my transition from just a runner to a triathlete.


  1. Hey that's, uh .... that's fast. Plenty of go left in your legs at the end, obviously. Most people have problems running around 6-minute miles without swimming and riding first.

    Well done, sir.

  2. I'm sorry. I didn't get why you're not wearing a shoe. Please explain. Pretty cool, though. I'm happy to say that I know you. One day I'll say, "I used to school Brady [in cycling]," and people will say, "Yeah, tell us another one schoolboy."

  3. I'm not wearing shoes because I'm about to make a blistering transition into pre-vasolined running shoes without missing a stride.

    When I was a rookie, I got off my bike, carefully took off my cycling shoes, put on a fresh pair of socks, then the running shoes and had a bite to eat before the run. I was rather nonchalant about the whole thing back then.

    And you see, no one educated me on the finer techniques of triathlon transitions. But don't fret ol' fellow, you're still the Cycling Guru to me.

  4. good job brady. how was the bike?? notice a difference.

  5. As Brady's older brother (think Rex to Speed--or Spridel) I can only say he's just trying to be like me, only stronger, faster and less hirstute!

    Whilst Brady was playing legos and Dungeons & Dragons, I did my first Triathlon (pronounced tri-kath-a-lon by our mom to this day) in 1983. Regan was Pres. MTV was ruled by The Talking Heads and Nina Blackwood. I did it in my speedo, wore samba's while riding my trek touring bike with borrowed helmet, and my Nike Waffles Trainers.

    Only difference, in my pix, I am smiling because I'm participating, not racing. I did it for the beer/glory/babes--none of which materialized.

    I retired in 1986 after my doing my 4th Bud Light Series in Chicago, 2:32 for Olympic Distance--pretty good considering I was up til 2am the night before on Rush St.

    Godspeed, Brady--but word to the wise says that spending time with Ms. Katherine will be more fun than doing your long training runs!