Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The WSCG List

Sometime awhile back, Bryan Redemske's List appeared on Facebook. Bryan put a lot of thought into this list. In fact, his concept was brilliant: whereas most lists actually have items on it, Bryan Redemske's List started off as an empty, blank slate. It's true. Let's take a look at the first two posts:

Bryan Redemske's List edited their Phone and Location
Bryan Redemske's List joined Facebook

First, notice that it records that Bryan's list joined Facebook. That's it-- no content, hyperlinks, photos or any other info. The list simply joined Facebook.

The next line above it states, "Bryan Redemske's List edited their Phone and Location." Now this was truly uncanny. It was as if the list had a life of its own. Meanwhile, the flesh-and-blood Bryan Redemske was only an afterthought. As evidence, look at the word "their" as in, "Bryan Redemske's List edited their Phone and location." This was beginning to feel like that time John Malkovich starred as himself in Being John Malkovich.

Finally, there was some substance on the third installment:

Ryan Feagan is on Bryan Redemske's List. Confirmed.

That Ryan Feagan made the list, and as the first entrant, made a lot of sense. To a lot of people. I'd be willing to bet that since Kindergarten, RF has occupied the first slot on many lists.

From there, Bryan Redemske's List pretty much remained a dirty, secretive little cloud. To this day, it's contents have never been fully revealed. But one thing was for certain was that it involved people he competed against. Though I believe it was a dubious honor to make the list, people actually provoked him to get on it.

Making a list is a good practice. While many lists remain private, posting them publicly achieves the best results.

It's been a week since I wiped-out on my bike. I've made some progress, but there are a number of things I'm still unable to do unassisted. Let this list serve as my public record of my right shoulder's health.

  1. Put button-down shirt on unassisted 06/15/2010
  2. Comb hair with right hand 06/18/2010
  3. Put on deodorant (lift right arm, reach across to left pit) 06/21/2010
  4. Put on tee shirt on unassisted
  5. Run a 10K. Jogging doesn't count
  6. Bike 2 hours. Drop Bryan Redemske's List
  7. Do 20 push ups.
  8. Jump in with Omaha Masters Swim Team
  9. Bench press body weight
  10. Paint the Fence. No really, it's a task I have to do this summer.
Reward: 1/2 gallon of Premium Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate ice cream. Until then, it's a bowl of frozen yogurt for each step.


  1. Disclaimer: The Bryan Redemske's List FB page isn't my doing.

    That said, there is most definitely a list. However, it remains on hiatus.

  2. Ewww, another delicious tidbit revealed about Bryan Redesmske's List.

    I'm curious if you've considered playing yourself in the movie version of Bryan Redesmske's List. If not, then who?

  3. I am but an ancillary character to the List's leading role. I will play myself in all scenes, most of which will be hazy flashbacks or flash-forwards.

  4. This guy might be cast (pun intended) as the leading role. His identity, like the List, remains a mystery while the personification is quite clear.

  5. Geez, when did this blog morph into "House of Leaves" ?

  6. I'd change that last one to "paint the face", just an idea.