Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Milestones: 99% ROM and a Seven Mile Run

The shoulder's improving. Yesterday, after five rounds of assisted SHOULDER - 1 ROM: Flexion - Wand exercises, I did the final five unassisted. The range of motion is nearly 100% now and its strength is returning. Fantastic.

To celebrate, I ran the seven miles from work to home last night. I had no issues with the shoulder during the run. Granted, there was very little shoulder movement, but the fact that there wasn't any pain from the jarring foot strikes has got to be a good sign. In fact, the only issues experienced were in the ribcage (minor) as a result of heavy respiration during the run.

The body's healing mechanism is truly an amazing thing.


  1. Great to hear, Brady. I bet you'll be 100% overall in just a couple weeks. Just don't pull a Bryan and crash again.

    Oh Bryan, we love ya, but gravity apparently doesn't. Or loves you too much? Not sure?

  2. Let's see how you handle tomorrows lunch ride!