Thursday, June 10, 2010


Omaha Metro Area Transit bus paired with my Time Trial Bike

It may look a little odd, but MAT bus racks can transport a time trial bike. As a multi-modal commuter, I recently used this option to bring my TT bike to work for a time trial session over the lunch hour. Thanks, MAT.

See you at the State Time Trial Championship this Saturday.


  1. could just ride your bike to work and ride it TO the lunch ride, then ride it home.

    At least you didn't post the number of the bus and if you'd ridden it....

    Finally, I never have even THOUGHT someone would take their TT bike on the bus....

  2. I can do better than that. I bought this TT bike after Old Yeller was retired the first time (rear der shifter exploded & other $$$ repairs ). At that time, it was the only ride-able bike that I owned. That was fine until the days started getting shorter in the fall. So I went to the store and asked what kind of commuter light I could put on a TT bike. There was laughter in the store. Apparently, I had just told a joke and I was the punch line.

    Anyway, I suppose nobody ever THOUGHT somebody would want to commute to work on their TT bike.

    And since you mentioned it, that was my fifth ride on bus #9410 since Nov 11, 2008. My maintenance log also shows that the 1st, 5th and 7th windows have cracks on its curb side. Hello my name is Rainman and you must be Charlie Babbitt.

  3. I'm sure the bus drove with much less effort with such a svelte machine on the front of it.

    As for lights, if the aerobars are tight enough together, I found that it's pretty easy to rest a standard type of commuter light on top/between them and lasso it in with some hook & loop velcro.

    How do I know this? 1) There are some 24hr Triathlon races that you are required to use lights on, and 2) Sometimes it was hard to get in that TT training session midweek during the day.