Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Night Worlds

I joined up with about 20 other riders for the year's first running of the Trek Store Omaha's 'Wednesday Night Worlds' group ride. I think Bryan made that title up. Good choice. In a word (or four): it was totally awesome. With light winds and temperatures in the 70s, what more could you ask for?

The riders gather outside the Trek store

The roll out down the Keystone. Nice turn out of riders

Newcomer Sarah on her first Trek Store Omaha ride

A first for Rafal (front) Kevin, and James (not pictured)

The peleton bunches up on a hill climb

After I took this shot, the tempo picked up and the camera was tucked away. As usual, we rode into Ft Calhoun and made a quick pit stop at the convenience store before turning back to Omaha via the Boyer Chute and Ponca Hills. In Boyer's Chute, the tempo ratcheted up until a complete hammerfest was going down. Limpach and Vaughn were mercilessly driving the pace as we approached the hills. Then Mod launched an attack at the foot of Ponca. Man, it was on.

What a ride (exclamation point).

In summary, great weather, great turn out, great (<--last great) ride. Regardless of how well one performed, it's safe to say that warm spring air and open road was a tonic to the soul, especially after the brutal winter we've endured.

Here's to Wednesday Night Worlds.

See you all next week.


  1. Yeah, that was a good time. Even the bits that hurt. A lot.

  2. Oh jeez. I really wanted to join you last night. But I had a deal to take Jack to. Oh well. I would have dropped out at probably about Fort street or so anyways. Shim's looking pudgy.

  3. Dude, exclamation points should be used in the proper places. I probably have an APA guide laying around somewhere if you want it. Not that I pay much attention to grammar these days

    In a life spent on IM my grammar, spelling, and use of well really all punctuation points is atrocious. It's all about brevity and getting to the point. Kind of like I am.

    So Brady I say all that to say this... use the exclamation point, liberally if you want. There's a girl I talk to that ends every message with ! whether its warranted or not. I think I could say I just killed her dog and I'd receive an ok! as a response. Maybe don't be that guy, but be the responsible user of ! points.

  4. @bredemske: I hear you. The ritual of repeatedly getting up in the middle of the night to stretch out leg cramps has commenced for 2010. I can never get enough of that.

    @fredcube: send Nate Keeler next time. He'll do.

    @miles: I'm methodical. On March 11th, I pledged to go 100K words before writing another exclamation point. If I write 1000 words a day, I still have roughly 79,000 more to go before I can relax the rule. Look for its return in summer.

    @bikerbob: Yikes. I want to rinse my eyes in lemon-lime Gatorade when I see all caps with exclamation points. Can I recommend a 12 step method on grammar abuse to you? Indeed, the exclamation-thrill has left me. I'm a free man now and you can be, too. I encourage you to seek help now.

  5. Brady, I dedicate that surge to you. Thanks for pinning me to the wall back in January, I needed it.

  6. @MOD - seeing you launch up the hill was not quite as pleasurable for me as pinning you to the wall back in January, but it pleased me to see you light it up nonetheless. In fact, as a relative newcomer to cycling, I commented last year that I looked forward to seeing you ride like I've never seen before. Well, that's already happened. And I am expecting more.

  7. Call a guy fat and you hurt his feelings.

    Call a guy fat every time you ride with him and then put it on the internet, too, and he gets all mad and stuff and loses a bunch of weight.

    I'm here to help, people. Who's next? Shim?

  8. Call a guy fat and he learns more about you than you know about him.