Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trees are Tomorrow's Burden

This is not a rally cry for tree huggers. Although it could be, because man, I really love trees. In fact, I cry a little when I have to pull the volunteer maples that sprout up from acorns each year. Poor little buggers.
I digress. This post is an answer to Rafal and Mike Miles comments on Bryan's recent mountain biking post. By the way, nice wookie sticks Bryan. The forests of Endor are calling for your return.

Since my priority has shifted from running to riding, some (a few (actually one)) have asked when I'm also going to begin riding mountain bikes.

To this, I say mountain biking among the trees is tomorrow's burden.

You see, I'm broke. I don't mean broke as in cash, although purchasing a previously loved Madone hasn't helped my cash flow. No, what I'm referring to is the commodity of time. There just isn't enough of it. Especially if I want to continue running and swimming. (I do). Not to mention having time for a life apart from bicycles, which also includes blogging about it, Mike Miles.

So there it is. I'm broke. Brother can you spare an hour or two?

Now I'm sad. I'm gonna go hug a tree.


  1. The forest has been cleared. Repeat: the forest has been cleared.

  2. Again I must elucidate some wisdomness on my conflicted brother:

    1. Mountian bikers are too mellow for you. They actually smile when they ride. (wait, that is for Brother Brendan who is a grimmacer).

    2. You'd gain too much weight MB as you'd drink a LOT MORE BEER.

    3. You need some young'uns to monopolize your time.... or I need to talk to Ms. Katherine about putting less slack in your leash

    4. I could be all wrong on these things.

    5. MTB is fun, but nowhere near as fun as a downwind leg of a fast peleton.

    6. See #4

  3. You have Friday off, I have an extra mountain bike or two...let's go.

  4. Wow, Brady DOES blog.

    I mean after that inspiring story about a quasi-fight club experience you had for a tube a couple weeks back, I thought maybe you had gone back to running.