Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hill Repeats in CB

I joined Shim and Jonathan Wait for a ride into the hills of Council Bluffs after work tonight. The weather was almost perfect: sunny, very little wind and temperatures hovering around 50 F. After ten days of cooler weather and clouds, it was euphoric.

There are some steep hills over there, some topping off at 22% gradient. Coach Shim says that it was probably too early in the spring to be hitting that kind of intensity, but we did it anyway.

We spent a couple hours chasing wheels before peeling off on our separate ways. Overall, a great ride. In the end, I was exhausted, but nevertheless content from enjoying nice weather in the wholesome goodness of the great outdoors.

On the way home, I encountered a car coming up Hamilton Street on the wrong side of the road. Four blocks later, a pickup truck belched blue diesel in my face as the driver yelled at me to get off the F*ing road. Nice.

Happy St Patrick's Day, everyone.


  1. Wait until Jonathan gets his Madone. Pain train. Pain. Train.

  2. Sorry. The problem is that my wife thinks my pickup is a deisel. So when she fills up the tank, it tends to run a little rough. Oh yeah, and get on the sidewalk where all cyclists belong!!!!!

  3. Yeah, I mentioned to Jonathan that he's so tuned in to that ten year old Klein that he may regret switching to the Madone. Jonathan replied that he was going to miss the Klein, but as a loaned bike, it was time to give it back to the owner. Not that a Madone is chopped liver or anything, but I could relate. I miss Old Yeller.

    Hey Fred, next time you yell at me to get my bicycle off the road, kindly do a better job at keeping your 1/2 ton stake-truck off the sidewalk apron while you lace your obscenities in the wholesome goodness of the great outdoors.

  4. Brady - beware, many red neck diesel pick up truck owners think that Scattante, Serottas and Cervelos are Sicilian mafia members. Ol' Dad