Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eee Too Co Fo Dat!

While running home from work yesterday, this dude slows his car to yell out the window, "Eee too co fo dat!!"

Fortunately, I was raised right. With a proper viewing of Airplane! to my creds, this cracker replied, "Ain't nothin' but a thaaang!"

Truly, it wasn't that bad yesterday afternoon. At 11°F it was certainly cold outside, but it was 15 degrees warmer than earlier that morning. And with the amount of heat generated when running and dressed adequately, it can actually be enjoyable.

But I can remember a time when I probably would've thought the same. Habitually walking in extremely cold temperatures without a hat and gloves will quickly reinforce the attitude that winters are not to be trifled with. But it doesn't have to be this way! Dress appropriately and the attitude will soon change.

It's also somewhat relative. What's uncomfortable to me is more likely bearable for a Minnesotan, and for a Minnesotan, an Alaskan, etc... Also, motivation has a lot to do with it. Plenty of people go skiing in much more extreme conditions, but ask them to consider going for a run outdoors in the winter? Forget it. It's like, no way, man...IT TOO CO FO DAT!!

Well that's all this honky has to say on this subject.



  1. My boss said to me today, "What's going on here where 19 degrees feels like a warm day???" The 40 degrees on Sunday will feel ridiculously warm, but I'm a-ok with that.

  2. Weather alerts for extreme temps are another example. At the beginning of the winter, the weatherman exclaims about the very cold temperatures when it goes below 30. You know, the "bundle up the kids for the bus stop" kind of thing. Then when it's 19 later in the season, everyone's going out to play golf.

  3. As it was properly translated at the bottom of the screen in Airplane...


    My problem riding in the cold is if I dress too warmly, I overheat. My new Pearl Izumi biking vest has vents in the back to let the heat escape.

    It's like a mullet--business in the front, party in the rear.

    (of course, I drove into work today because it was icy--)