Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gumpin' It

Wherever I was going, I was runnin-g.

With winds steady at 35 mph and 43 mph gusts, it's quite possible on my running commute home last night somebody was yelling, "Ee too windy fo dat" but I wouldn't know.

And so I say again, is that the best you can do, old man winter? Ha!

* 5 miles

* 28 F with Heavy winds and blowing snow
* Packed snow and black ice

* Thermal
* Tech shirt
* Mittens
* Tuke
* Reflective Vest & backpack
* Nylon shell pants


  1. Yeah, my ride home was a little tense. Actually, there was only one little hill I rode down that I couldn't really brake on. I kinda one-legged walked, rode down, but then the light turned green, so I carefully finished the hill. Other than that, I was just fine. The wind was not fun around some buildings though. Almost got knocked over a couple times.

    I drove today and thought as I was walking the 4 blocks from my neighborhood parking space to my work, "I really should have ridden." I would have made it and been warm instead of slipping all over the sidewalk with my work shoes and not being warm. Oh well.

    Run Brady, Run!

  2. I hear ya on the wind nearly making you tumble. I had the same experience downtown, but I was on steady feet. Dang, son! I'm sure that it's a lot different on a bike with skinny tires.

    Slipping and being cold walking in the parking lot: ain't that the truth.

    This morning I took the MAT (#2027...4th ride on this rig) and will likely get on the trainer tonight.

  3. Ha.

    I rode the trainer last night and commuted in today! But here in KC very nice sunny day. 25 degrees when I rode but was very warm. Mittens. Balakava, wicking tshirt, long sleve wicking tshirt, thin nike warmup, cheapo wind/rain jacket and biking vest. Sweat pants. Booties. Sweating when I got here after riding the fixed gear varsity with my computer and pannier full of clothes/lunch.

    Snow riding=mountian bike with knobbys.

    After reading his repeated old man winter posts, I'm not sure I'm related to Brady. I'm different. He's...um....focused?

    Sort of like the old story about the ham and eggs you eat for breakfast, the chicken was involved, the ham was committed. Or something about looking up the butchers a$$ to find the t-bone...nevermind.

  4. The running home thing is part stress relief, part squeezing a run into a busy work day and part challenge to the mindset of the commuter. Where nine may say "too cold fo dat!" one may say if he can do it, so can I.

    re: a$$: Shame on you, John. Don't you know that Mom and Dad read this blog too?