Sunday, February 10, 2008

Do Your Worst

Another single digit day in Omaha to provide an opportunity for character building during today's long run. Along the way, I snapped this image of UNO's track, the place I do intervals in the sweltering heat and humidity of the summer. No, there was no such fun today.

Ah, and now is the winter of our discontent.

Punxsutawney Phil has recently called for six more weeks of winter, to which I say, "Do your worst." Besides, the days are getting longer and I've heard birds singing in the morning last week. So go right ahead winter, be my guest, for your day is about done.

I've long given up resisting the poor weather and am just dealing with it. I'm swimming, lifting and riding the trainer indoors, while bearing the brunt of the cold during outdoor runs. I suppose I could do the treadmill thing, but I absolutely hate it. Do you agree with me that the only exercise equipment more insanely boring than the trainer is a treadmill? Anyway, if dressed properly, running outside really is bearable in almost any condition.

Workout Details:
Temp: 6°F with 16 mph northern gusts
Distance: 12.7 miles
Elapsed time: 1:40
Pace: 7:52 min/mile
Avg BPM: 152
Max BPM: 178
Calories: 1328 from 40% fat

* 1 long sleeve tech shirt
* 1 Duo fold long sleeve poly top
* 1 long sleeve woolie PI cycling jersey
* 1 Duo-fold long johns
* 1 nylon shell running pants
* Smart wool socks with toe warmers
* glove liners, gloves, tuke and scarf

Other Comments:
The toe warmers were like blow torches about an hour into the run. I ditched them out of fear of getting nasty chemical burns or blisters. Thankfully, I got neither. Also, it's interesting to see the different freezing points between water and electrolyte infused Gatorade. After the run, the fuel belt water bottles were a block of ice while the Gatorade bottles were only slushy.

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  1. I remember when I used to run outside all winter. I was tough then.

    No way would I put warmers in my shoes, though. That's crazy talk.