Sunday, December 2, 2007

Once A Runner

More heart rate monitor training today, this time during a recovery run.

Time: 4:30 PM
Temp: 23 F with 13 mph winds and 23 mph gusts
Wore: Knit hat, two long sleeve tech shirts, reflective vest, gloves, liners & running pants.

Warmup: 1 mi easy w/Emmy.
Main: 6.2 miles; 52 minutes

  • 45 minutes in zone (75% max)
  • Max during today's workout=155 bpm
  • 612 calories burned
  • 8:23 mi pace avg

  • Comments
    Emmy dropped a pretty big log 1/2 mile into it, slowing us both down as I had to scoop & carry. Bet I look pretty stoopid running with a bag of dog shit flopping around. Looped around and dropped Emmy off at mile one to continue.

    Today's run was a moderate 6 miles. My goal was to keep the heart rate between 70% and 80% max. After yesterday, this felt easy. In fact, it took discipline to keep the heart rate below 80% max when climbing any hill.

    Tomorrow's plan: AM weight lifting legs with goal to become stronger at turning the big chain ring. Easy run at lunch.


    1. Dude, leave your homo-erotic graphic novels to your porn blog. Little old ladies (Fred) read this blog.

      Not very wholesome, or steel-cut goodness. Well maybe his abs...

    2. That's what I looked like when I was a runner.

    3. Among runners, this is a classic. There's been rumors about a movie in the make, but it's all talk. But selling for $220 a copy for a used paper back book on Amazon, it's obvious the book has more appeal than its homo-erotic cover.

      Bryan: Once a Runner, always...

      If weather doesn't permit for a ride, would you guys be interested in going for an afternoon run this weekend?

    4. Ooh, Ooh!!! I'm all for the afternoon run idea! I'd love to get into running more.

      Brady, you be in charge of deciding running days for us. While I was shopping at Scheels for my little bro, I found a few running shirts on sale for $10 a pop. I don't have any, so I picked up a few. Now I can use them. It's all coming together now.

    5. Brady, quit being such a Fred and post something. Hey that moniker works in this situation.