Friday, December 21, 2007

Abominable Snow Run

When: 8:00 AM Saturday
Where: 63rd and Center Starbucks
Distance: Pending. Let's try for 75 minutes.
Conditions: The cold, blowing snow is one for the memories. Bundle up and let's go. You won't regret it, especially you Bryan. Your memory is skewed.


  1. You know what's awesome? When I checked this last night around midnight, it loaded the cached page. When I checked it this morning after my roller ride, it was updated. I might have showed up, too. No snow!

    Hope it was a good one, boys.

  2. It was purdy good. I started to kind ache toward the end. Little in the knees, one calf, and ball of my foot, the right only. The cold wasn't that bad. I was over dressed.

    Overall it was a good time. It was nice to meet Mike Beadle(?) and run in the daylight.