Monday, July 23, 2007


I checked out the inventory at Olympia and Bike Masters today. Both stores told me that 51 cm top tube is going to be too small and that a 53-54 tri bike would fit me better. They're like, "Dude, I'm 5-9 and I ride a 56cm road bike and a 54 cm TT bike; 51's gonna be too small for you. Fortunately, we've got a few bikes in the 54cm size..."

But, the Serotta fitting strongly suggests that I'm a size 51 tri bike.

Is the Serotta fitting some sort of quasi-science quackery? While there were all kinds of measurements being taken during the fitting, I don't recall seeing an e-meter on the aerobars...

Heck! What to do?

I got to get that trash out of my head!! I paid good money for the Serotta fitting and it was a purely mechanical, ruler and tape measurement system. I can and will trust this system.

There. I feel better that I got that out. I'm sticking with the 51.

Wait 'till you see me spin on this little fella!

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