Friday, July 20, 2007

Big Wheels

I learned something new yesterday. My road bike is too big. Not only am I a newbie on the bike, but I'm not getting the best bang for the buck on this thing.

It was also pointed out to me by my fitter Jackie that my right foot points outward when I walk and I have a hump in my back when I'm in aero position.

Never knew about these issues. Now when I walk, I make a conscious effort to point that stubborn right toe forward. As for the other, I'm looking into a referral.

The fitting went quite well. It's funny how the power of suggestion works some times. While going to get the fit, I nearly ran down a biking Fredcube in my car. At a stop light, Fred says, "I know Jackie. She's really good at fittings, especially triathletes. She taught me how to swim. And she also bought me beers after the race last weekend." Later, when I mention to Jackie that I work at UP, she asks if I know Fred, that she taught him to swim and also fed him beers this past weekend. Golly, it's a small world.

Brady's Gi-Normous road bike
Oh yeah, back to the fitting. So, I find out that my road bike is like gi-normous on me. I should be riding a 54 cm, tops. (I'm on a 55). The tri bike, then gets fit smaller, so my numbers come out to a 51 on the TT/Tri. That excludes the 54 cm Cervelo Dual that the St Louis shop has. Rats. However, there is a 2007 51 cm Cervelo P2SL that just went on sale in the Highgear shop. While it's a outside of my price range, perhaps this black beauty is the way to go?

Oh yeah, back to the fitting. So, when I'm fit right, and in a somewhat aggressive position so as not to produce a wind-dragging, bulging-hump in my back, I feel good, but also like an adult riding kid's bike. It feels good, but it may take some getting used to. I'm pretty well convinced that the tri bike is going to be the way I go, but Jackie also was thorough enough to give me the numbers for a road fitting in the event that I should change my mind.

Needless to say, I can't wait to purchase my new bike and have it fine-tuned for me. In the meantime, this little monkey is still going to ride his big boy road bike, look at the local shops' inventory, and take his time to choose the right bike for him.

Kudos to Jackie, her detailed explanation and patience with this rookie.

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