Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Greasy Italian Beef Sandwich on Legs

Last night, I met the big boys at UNO for 800 meter repeats. Unfortunately, the first two buses didn't show, which caused me to arrive at the track when the pack was finishing its last warmup lap.

Determined not to get left behind, I picked up the warm up pace (7:00 mile) and ran the next 1.75 miles alone while they did foot drills and the first interval. I jumped in on the next interval right from my last warmup lap and ran the first split at 2:44 (5:13 mile). Most of the pack was around 2:40ish, but Dave and Scott were freakishly under 2:25s.

I went 2:44 & 2:41 on the next two repeats. That's when the GI issues started.

Oh yeah. The Italian Beef sandwich from Bob's Grill and Cafe on 17th and Farnam that I had for lunch earlier that day...what a wonderful thing to do to your body before a speed workout! It was grande!
Rather than suppress the misery, I decided to verbalize it during the 400 meter active recovery interval. In doing so, I accomplished two things: 1) Therapeutic relief for me and 2) to serve as a warning to the others in case I barfed. For the record, I also claimed first dibs on any regurgitation, because at $5.35, I wanted to get my money's worth.

It was at that moment that Gerald suggested that I take the lead on the next 800 meter interval. I remember thinking that this could be one of my life's epic that was talked about for ages... a 1/2 mile of vivid Technicolor-Yawn! How I could I resist such a moment to shine?! So with that, I challenged the Italian Beef to do it's worst and started running like the wind blows.

The results
To my surprise, I snapped off a 2:31 split. Even more, I didn't blow chunks! In fact, I was cured! In retrospect, I am a little disappointed by the Italian the best that it could do?

The moral of the story: when you feel like puking, sprint an anaerobic 1/2 mile. My guess is that, whether you toss cookies or not, you'll also feel better in the end.

Present: Gerald, Dave, Scott, Randy, Luke, John, Scott, Andrea, Ryan, Ron, Dan...
MIA: Mike B.(schedule conflict)

Temperature: Nice! 82 F with 29% humidity. 20mph gusts.


  1. You're fast.

    I used to be.

    Nice workout.

  2. I'm quite certain you still are considering the way you spin. Good luck and enjoy your first Cat 4 this weekend.

  3. thank you.

    but no way could I crack off mutltiple sub-2:50 800s. not now, at least.