Friday, April 19, 2013

Why People Take BM on Bike Rides, part 2 of 2

Thursday's Taco Ride was not cancelled, for your information. Yes, there was snow in the forecast. But I didn't care. I even told Mother Nature so.

Snow shmo. Really, are we going to let Mother Nature bully us? Somebody's got to stand up to this nonsense.

Snow or not, Thursday's taco ride was happening. Besides, it was a standing tradition that we do this on Thursdays. Every Thursday. Surely my buddies would display the same moxie towards a little Spring snowfall. Right?

Yellowbike lonely at the rack today
Here's what the bike rack looked like at work yesterday. Surely, I missed the memo. But when I got to my desk, there was no email explaining a sudden root canal or appendectomy or other calamity.

"I didn't bring my bike," said Leah. "Is yours outside?"

Uh, yeah? It's Thursday, isn't it?

Wes wasn't at his desk. Neither was Brant.

Shim said, "It's in my car, where it will remain."


Look people, we have a deal here. A standing order. Tacos are consumed at the end of Taco rides ON THURSDAYS. No, that doesn't mean going to Zumba class today for Tacos on Friday. That goes the same for Stretching and Core work. And don't even get me started about Jazzercise.

The ride still happened. Yes siree. Mother Nature threw all she could muster at me for late April. There was snow. It was wet. And winds were gusting over 30 mph. But so what? We've had it far worse. This was easy street.

I brought back a taco for each of my fair weather buddies. Just one taco each. One to whet their appetites as a reminder of what Thursdays are supposed to be about.


Then I went back to my desk to enjoy three of the most succulent tacos the world has ever known.

While scarfing down, Fred sent me an SMS message, to which I replied:

Fred fired back:

Thank you Fred. That does explain why all the people take BM on their rides.

I'm doing my best to keep it that way.


  1. Sorry I flaked, as Taco ride founder I should have been there rain or shine....I vow to be better.

  2. I honestly did not know about the radish and cucumber option. Of course I will need to first demo the taco before I can say with any certainty, but I have a feeling I may have to retract earlier criticisms.

  3. Shredded cabbage, too. Don't miss out.

  4. Why do you have calculator ? Dud someone removed that program from your computer ?