Friday, April 12, 2013

Who's taken BM on a Bike Ride? Part 1 of 2

There comes a time when one must ask, who's taken the BM on a bike ride? And not any short one. I'm talking a long one, out in the fresh air of the countryside. One that once you got going you sorta wish never ended.

Of course Shim has. Many times. He and I were just talking about it last week while riding through the Council Bluffs ball fields. Go ahead, ask him. He'll admit it's one of his favorite places to take a BM during a bike ride.

Others have too. Recently, the list includes Fred Hinsley, Wesley "Crusher" Johnson, and yes, even Leah Kleager has taken BM on a bike ride.

Shoot, last weekend lots of folks took BM in the woods during the Psycowpath race series.

There's nothing to be ashamed of here. Don't be bashful. Just admit it: it's nice to take BM on a bike ride.

Looky, here's BM in the woods right now.

Happy Friday Everyone.


  1. Admittedly it's one of my favorite things to do, but you never really get used to the smell, do you?

  2. Everybody digs their own brand

  3. i would rather have you say who's taken a shit or deuce .. no sense in being PC

  4. Politically correct? I try to keep politics out of my blog