Friday, July 30, 2010

Tell Them Why My Company Is So Hip, Munson

The new Corporate Cycling Challenge poster just came out at the company I work for. To the casual observer, it may look like just another promotional poster. It's not.

I know of two people -- actually one now that Sheldon Brown has passed -- that could take one look at this poster and immediately tell you the cycling innovation that is being suggested here.

Go on already Munson, tell them why we're the hipsters of cycling.


  1. I would suggest it is more an oversight from the lithographer.

  2. Say now! That dude is wearing some Velo Veloce kit. He's got style and class. Everyone loves Tiggers!

  3. Good job Matt. I now know two living people that can quickly identify the left side drive.

    Where's Munson? If there was ever a bike tailored for him, this would be it. Already known for his TT abilities, imagine one designed to capture the full power of his stronger left leg? Cancellara wouldn't stand a chance.

    C'mon Grego, The UP is a source of innovation. Don't throw the lithographer under the bus.

    Hey El Guapo! You're right: everybody loves the Tiggers. In fact, that may be Tigger poster boy Andrew mixing the blue and orange cat claws jersey with the black and red MVCC bibs.

  4. Whoops, late to the game! Busy morning.

    Yes, aside from the fact that it's a singlespeed/fixed geared, bullhorned with aero brake levers and aerobars bike, the left side drive train will not help the fact that his t-shirt utterly demolishes any chance he has to be aero - no matter how much like my strong left leggedness he is.

  5. Hang on Munson, you show promise but...

    1) You failed to mention that the rider's wearing mountain bike shoes on platform pedals.

    2) You made an excellent observation in pointing out that the it is quite possibly a single-speed fixed-gear bullhorned with aero-brake levers and aero-bars left-drive bike.

    HOWEVER, you missed a couple points, eg:
    1) No front derailleur
    2) An apparently useless double chain ring

    And finally, supposing that it is indeed a fixed gear, you didn't qualify the incongruity of the quick release skewer on the rear wheel -vs- the absence of a quick release skewer on the front.

    Tsk Tsk. Haste makes waste. Grade: C+

  6. Also - he's pedaling backwards. But of course you all knew that. Maybe because he can't escape the yellow elastic bands.

    "You're a cantaloupe" refers to Christopher Walken pretending to be Sicilian in the movie "True Romance".

  7. No, I missed the fixed-gear back-pedaling as a result livestrong band recoil. Excellent point.

    Hey Shim, the more I look, the more I think 'Frank. What do you say?

  8. Yes, the Real Wes J was the model for this poster by the artist Chickanelli.

  9. See, it's posters like this that makes people think it's OK to come into the shop and ask for gear like that.

    Note to people who want gear like that: It is not OK. Not. OK.

  10. Brady, a hybrid your brother Murphini, the legendary left-footed soccer striker, would appreciate. Ol'Dad

  11. You guys also missed a few things:

    1. I own a left side drive bike. The front half of my Tandem is left side drive. So there.

    2. I own a fixed gear bike that has platform pedals and bullhorn handlebars. SO the rider ain't a total A-Clown. Approaching, but not total.

    3. You all missed the two biggest problem:
    -The guy is wearing BNSF colors, not UP
    -The bike ain't yellow (yeller)

    4. For the record, I'm right footed, and will be using that foot to kick my brothers' booties in the mountians in 2 weeks.

    So there!

  12. You own a tandem <--that's all I really needed to say) and a fixed gear bike that has platform pedals & bullhorn handlebars. Neither of these bikes gives you any authority to thump your chest and that declare you're going to kick your brothers' booties in the mountains. You're delusional.

  13. Not that anyone would read this again, buy here's an email my dad sent:

    Is this Brady's blog? I enjoyed the give/take on the corporate cup poster. But I was wondering what Brady (or whoever works at UP) is doing making blog posts at 1028AM on Monday August 2nd. THAT IS A WORKDAY, and he is suppose to be diligently working and productive to increase the profitability (and stock price) of my previous employer whose stock I own AND the company that pays my pension!!! (hehhehhehheh). I would relay this fact to him via the blog if I could, but not sure of doing that. Anyway, it would be fun to give him a hard time about it. The post and the comments were entertaining for certain.


  14. Papa Munson:

    I'd like to clarify that the 'Munson' I was referring to in the title was you, as opposed to your son Michael. So thank you for your comment, Lanny. Your voice is very important leavening agent to cycling hipsters everywhere.

    As for whose blog: this post was authored by the moderator of Wholesome Steel Cut Goodness, not by Brady. That much is for certain; whether or not Brady -- or anyone for that matter -- was working at the UP on Monday August 2nd at 10:28AM is still debatable.

    Still, the comment is not without merit. I will enjoy mentioning it with a swift kick to his backside next time I see him.

    Finally, your comment has earned the highly coveted Wholesome Steel Cut Goodness Seal of Approval. Please send a SASE to me + $9.95 s/h and I'll get it back to you ASAP.

    Wholesome Steel Cut Goodness

  15. How am I just now seeing this? Mr. Munson is clearly a genius.

  16. It also appears that the wheels have no
    spokes. Niw that's innovation.

    Bryan: can you build a bike like that for me?