Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bring Out The Polka Dots

Last night was one for the memories.

Out from the lurking shadows emerged my friend, the one and only Real Wes J, joining in his Omaha Trek Store Wednesday Night Worlds (WNW) group ride.

Donning the King of the Mountains jersey, the Real Wes J made a bold statement in the ranks of the WNW peleton.

Can you spot the red and white polka-dots?

Ah, there's our boy

Here he is again drafting the wheel of Bryan Redemske

Where did he g-- oh, got him, sneaking into the lower left frame

A wise tactician, Wes waits for his moment

And there he goes. The Real WesJ drops me while fending for the KOM points on the final sprint to Ft Calhoun


  1. And as is easily noticed, no pictures from the return trip exist. Not surprisingly, the rookie WNW rider was not ready for the tempo to increase and was left out of the pack. It was fun getting my first lesson.

  2. To finish with the lead pack at the Ft Calhoun sprint validated the KOM jersey.

    Nice show, 'rook.

  3. Did you hear Waldo tried to keep on the wheel of Jens Voigt..... But hasn't been seen since?

    For our upcoming colorado trip I'll be wearing a green jersey as a part of l'autobus or possibly carrying la lantern rouge.

    Wes-dont let Brady goad you into something... You can always give him a pump to the spokes a la Team Cinzano from Breaking Away