Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Incorrigible Yellow Fervor

Last month, I competed in my first cyclocross race: the Lincoln cyclocross weekend. It was tons of fun. And that new yellow bike, the Incorrigible Yellow Fervor, took the beating well.

For the uninitiated, cyclocross events are off-road races on grassy terrains with patches of sand, single track dirt, mud and snow. Entrants ride a modified road bike with wider profile knobby tires not unlike what you'd see on a mountain bike. While most ride geared bikes, the single speed classification is also offered at cyclocross races.

The best part of cyclocross is the attitude. It's just fun. For everyone. And race venues have a reputation for being crowd-friendly. The Lincoln cyclocross weekend certainly did. The short loop course offers many opportunities for spectators to watch, encourage, give pity, donate cash, and in the case of Pioneer Park's Hooligan Hill, feed food and beer. I'm not kidding. There was a guy in an orange jump suit (shop overalls? prison garb?) shoving hot dogs smothered in ketchup & mustard in your face at the top of the hill that you just carried your bike up for the sixth time. It's that kind of attitude that keeps it fun. You can race your legs off while having a laugh along the way.

A belated thanks to Lincoln for putting on a great race.

Here are a few of the images that my friend Lucas Marshall took:


  1. Tremendously amazing action photos! You and Yellow Fervor are looking good.

  2. um....

    Brady forgot to mention in his very first race he took 2nd.... Not too shabby...

    Mens 3/4
    1. Guy I don't know from SKC
    2. Brady Murphy
    3. James Blake

  3. Dude takes some sweet photos. Way to go Luke.