Tuesday, October 27, 2009



  1. There's the pictures I was looking for. Shim's comment in the last post was indicative of the poor lighting/coloring of your original photo. That bike looks sweet. Myself, I would've went with a clear coat over the aluminum to have people thinking I had a Ti bike.

    But Old Yeller must live on...

  2. Brady is a man of few(er and fewer) words.

    Next blog post: coloring pages. Just try to stay in the lines, folks.

    Looking good, by the way.

    What are you going to call it? New Yeller? Old Yeller Too? Yeller Again?

  3. Nice job on the bike. The black and yellow is a great color combination. All it needs is some Hawkeye emblems on the fork and you would be set.

  4. Mark your calendars everyone, for on this date a former lurker has been drawn from the abyss of silence by sharing his first comment on teh internets.

    Welcome to WSCG, Wes J!

    Comment Scoreboard:
    WSCG 1
    Fredcube 0

  5. While I'm unsure what that yellow & black bike is at this time, one thing is for certain: the Hawkeyes have nothing to do with it.

    You may resume lurking now.

  6. You park it in the bike rack at work, you leave it alone all day, we have stickers, oh yeah it's the new Hawkeye bike, if not now soon.

    By the way I sat on it in the rack today. The saddle seemed familiar.

  7. Brady, Even Big Red fans need to defer to the 8-O Hawkeyes and the color scheme seems to suggest that - and brings joy to your sisters in law who have bragging rights presently. Nice work on the bike!

  8. your neighbors should shut their car door.

  9. I rode the new yellow Hawkeye bike today..

    Shim 1
    Cube 0

  10. I can't believe it's yellow! I'd go with Mike on this one.

  11. Why would I want people to think it's titanium when I could have them think it's 'yeller?

    MOD summed it up the best, "At least it's consistent; when I see that yellow bike, I know that it's you."

    It's my signature color.

  12. I sure hope you ride it like it is colored. "Yella"

    But actually, I am glad it's yellow instead of Mike's idea: Nude. You got to watch out for that guy!