Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Name's Not Buttons

Although recent evidence from racing could suggest that I'm growing younger and faster with age, I'm no Benjamin Buttons.
Nor is my name Ed Whitlock, but I'd be proud to run a sub 3 hour marathon at any age, let alone after a 70th birthday.
And even though the State of Nebraska once listed my birth year as 969, I didn't originate from the dark ages.
I suppose if that were true, I'd be mixed in with the occult and my name could be Frankenstein.

That's Fronk-en-shtein.

If I lived more than a 1000 years, I'd be older than that geezer of the Bible, Methuselah. But since I'm a God-fearing man, I don't want to be taken for a blasphemer.

No, my name is simply Brady and today is the final day of my youth.

Frankly, on the eve of my 14,600th day on this planet, I feel fabulous. In fact, I don't feel (act?) much differently than I did when I was 20. Actually, it's more like 14, but nobody takes a 14 year old seriously.

So, um, seriously... I have a lot to be thankful for: a wonderful wife, a supportive family, great friends and good health to name a few.

Later today, when you're compelled to strike a match while sitting on the throne, kindly wish me a happy birthday as you blow it out, for tomorrow I turn 40.


  1. 40'll look good on you. IMHO 40 is when life gets good...or maybe just more gooder....

    Wisdom to understand the difference between $^*^ and shinola

    Experience to know what is important and what is fleeting

    Compassion to know when to offer comfort
    REVENGE on how to mercilessly drop your pals on hard climbs...then the compassion to wait for them...

    And if you think you are so hot, here's even better news: Want to know what is sexier than a woman in her 30's? A woman in her 40's!

    Embrace your 40's ---they are great.

  2. So you're 100 years and 1 day younger than Gandhi. I think he made a clock that ran Backwards.

    Shim: Line, please.

    voice from stage right: "What the hell is fredcube talking about?"

  3. Thanks for posting that "Identity Theft Starter Kit." I'll get to work on that right away!

    Happy birthday, Brady. You're a true inspiration. You're fitter than most men half your age, and wiser than some double.

    My 40 is coming soon, and I hope to avert the midlife crisis. I simply don't have the time and money (or energy?) for a young girlfriend, and there's no room in the driveway for a boat or a convertible. I'll have to make do playing with bicycles and pretending I can keep up on casual group rides with all those whippersnappers, and of course, Mr. Steel-Cut.

    Have a great weekend, and go do at least a little something untoward.

  4. Happy birthday, man. I'll go pull the stop sign out of the ground at West Glenwood and Highland and dump it over the bridge for old times' sake.

  5. Sorry, Brady I have been out of town for a few days, I'm back now, so happy belated birthday buddy, I sincerly hope you had a good one, and after 40 years of being a mizer I think it's finally time for you to blow the spider webs and dust out of that 40 year old billfold and treat yourself to that the new mid-life crisis, i.e. a carbon fiber sub 17lbs road bike. I'll spring for a shiny new bell, (Either that or maybe some motor boating).

    P.S. What the hell is Fred talking about?