Monday, October 26, 2009

Cross Noob Project Update

About six weeks ago I wrote about getting a cycl0cross bike put together. The project has finally come together. It's a frankenbike if there ever was one.

The Scattante frame (and fork) were practically given to me by Mike Miles.
From Jim Maaske came the Rolf wheelset, cantilever brakes and a saddle.

The 9 speed Tiagra brifter, a cane creek front brake lever, Ultegra crank, 9 spd cassette, handlebars and tires came from Mike Munson.

A carbon fiber wrapped seat tube came from Bryan Redemeske.

The Shimano 105 rear derailleur and the nine speed chain were cast down from Old Yeller.

The remaining parts came from the Trek store.

You may recall that the last post on this project had noted concerns about the integrated headset and the pitted and slightly abnormal shape of the head tube. Upon further review, it was agreed that while the integrated headset is not the best design application for a cyclocross bike, it would still work. The longevity of it is anyone's guess.

Brushing that aside, I took partially assembled bike to the High Gear shop in La Vista for a professional fitting.

After an hour of dialing in my measurements to the fit, the bike started feeling good beneath me. With the frame being slightly smaller than my road bike, a longer stem was needed to cover the difference. With that, it felt really good. I had the steer tube cut to make it permanent.

Alas, my new 'cross bike:

I took it for a spin around the block yesterday. Weighing in just under 19lbs, its 53cm aluminum frame and carbon fork provides a smooth ride with quick handling. The bike's 1x9 gearing offers enough power for the hills and its cantilever brakes are ideal for mud and gunk that off-roading brings.

And while the fit was right on -- and I'm excited to have a cyclocross bike -- something still didn't feel quite right. It needed an extra something... a final touch that would leave no doubt that this bike belonged to me.

I settled on this.

Much better.

Somebody ring a cowbell for me.


  1. Sheesh you got right on that, didn't you? The Old Yeller spirit lives on...

  2. Eggshell, nice......You gonna bring it on the next lunch ride?

  3. no you didddd-aaahhnt. Really? Is that photoshopped or painted?

    I would have thought you'd do much better rolling up to snickers on a Scattante frame before blowing everyone to smitherines on the course.

    Nice. You'll love the 1x9