Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Long White Pants

Lo, what happened to the golden days of summer? The vibrant foliage wastes away into the muddled browns and grays of autumn right before our eyes! Oh Chronos, you commit larceny on a grand scale yet again! Lamentations are upon us!

Letting go is not one of my better traits. It's with acerbic regret that I record the passage of time as I packup flip flops and white pants, flaunted here by Remington "I'm not steel-cut" Steel. So kindly allow me to indulge in a few memorable moments of late:

  • IronmanKansas, CSG and Black Squirrel triathlons
  • Commuting to work by bike with colleagues
  • Getting licenses:Katherine (LPN); Brady's CAT-5!!
  • Tuesday night track workouts; Wednesday night club rides
  • Day trips to KC for Dim Sum & socializing w/Murphinis
  • Mayor Fahey & the Grim Reaper seeing me on Old Yeller
  • Joy-riding an unknown's bike!
Alas, as summer passes by quicker than Munson sprinting to the city limits during a club ride, I say that the season deserves an appropriate send-off. So ciao to the 16 hours a day of the fiery globe that pinkens noses & ears under the helmet. Auf viedershen to rashes and chafing that blister beneath supercharged lycra! Au revior to TT'ing in choking dust below the scorching sky. And before I break out the winter woolens, I make a final charge by calling out, "long live the pit stains and crusty salt rings earned on two wheels!"

Oh with great sadness and joy I so bid this summer a fond farewell.

Now prepare the way and brace, for autumn and winter is nigh!


  1. First, that guy in the picture needs a serious man-scaping. (#1 guard on the ole clippers.)

    For the gentle-readers of WSCG, I am as hirstute as Brady is girly-slender-skinny.

    Second, Some of the best rides are at temperature 30-45 degrees, again, if you have a nice layer of subcutaneous fat and are hirstute--(see point #1), which brady is neither. He does have a very nice Pearl Iszumi Woolie Mammoth that would not fit my manly broad shoulders. (Again, see the end of Point 1)

    Third, fall riding means moving towards a heavier post ride carbohydrate lubrication fliud. Boulevard Bully Porter replaces the Pale Ale, or a Shaefer replaces a Grain Belt for your Nebraskans. In my soul, a pint of Guiness gently whispers to me amidst the millions of Midi-chloriac bubbles that my true roots are gaelic....MUST CONTROL URGES....

  2. That's an interesting picture there, Brady. I guess being the webmaster of the premier Pierce Brosnan fansite has its perks. :)

    Your post couldn't have been timed better. It was downright nippy this morning. I tested the air on my front porch this morning with two shirts, and came back in to put on a long sleeved one in the middle. The brisk air felt great, though.

    I think it's time to study up on the points made in this previous cold weather riding post and following comments.

  3. I wore regular bike shorts and jersey with the addition of arm warmers this morning on my commute into work. I sprinted the whole way just to keep warm!! I couldn't believe how chilly it was. I'm just fine with that though. Cool weather is perfect for riding all day and not sweating buckets. I see some very long rides in my future.

    And Murphini, what does it mean when a person only likes dark lagers? Some of my favorites: Warsteiners Dunkel, Shiner Black Lager, Sam Adams Black Lager and Winter Lager, and that's about it that I know of so far. I try other beers, but they pale (HA!) in comparison to the hearty taste of the aforementioned libations.

  4. Post jump/hijack coming:

    " What does it mean when a person only likes Dark Lagers....

    It means you are sick and twisted and probably need to go to confession. Your sinful soul is seeking to injest brews that match it's burnt-umber/black-chili coumpound color. You need to spread it around and remember that every beer* is a good beer--especially those provided by someone else.

    Enlightenment comes from the ROYGBIV spectrum of brews such as:

    Old Milwaukee Light. Really.
    Hamms. (Not really, but a buddy of mine always brings it cold)
    Coors Banquet (not Silver Bullet)
    Red Stripe (on sale in KC $12/12 pack)
    Fat Tire Skinny Dip (Seasonal)
    Boulevard Wheat
    Amstel Light
    Warsteiner (regular)
    Fat Tire Trippel
    then onto...
    Sam Adams/Shiner Bock Black etc.

    *Except Miller Lite. That stuff sucks.

  5. Your response would have nothing to do with this post, would it?