Friday, September 26, 2008

Searching For Dr Strangelove

I'm here:
A one hour crew-change has turned into a seven hour delay in Moscow's Domodedovo Airport. Apparently, a small part is needed for the Boeing 777ER jet purchased last year. When it comes to parts, I say the wait is worth it.

It's OK though. Life is good. Singapore airlines has bumped me gratis into the Air Austria Lounge, which compared to the smoke filled corridors of this airport, is a piece of heaven.

Recap of my current adventure:
I left Omaha for Houston about 19 hours ago. After a one hour lag in Houston, I then then departed for Moscow at 6pm, arriving here 11 hours later. Singapore airlines has got to be the most wonderful experience. In fact, it's unbelieveably remarkable - even in economy class (there are apparently suites in the above first class but I wouldn't know). Like, are we going to heaven sort of thing. It doesn't translate well on blogger, but if you have the means, I highly recommend it.

Well, I think I'll go meander over for some wine and cheese in this fine lounge. I'm on vacation, you know, so I gotta live it for awhile.

God willing, I will prevail in cathing up with my Singapore girl Ms Katherine, in peace and freedom from fear, and in true health, through the purity and essence of my natural... fluids. God bless you all!


  1. You arrived in Singapore faster than I flew/drove to Hampton, Viginia once. So it's like midnight/1am there now, right?
    -Are you upside down?
    -Is it yesterday or tomorrow?
    -Did McCain show up at the debate?
    -Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
    -Who's the fox in the picture?
    -Did you tell those godless heathens in Moscow that Krutschev was wrong and that Sarah Palin has her eye on them?
    -Will Ms. Katherine take you eatin' at some local places? You may want to check into some of my pal
    Anthony Bourdain's

    Keep bloggin'.

  2. I think if your name was Eleanor, you'd have a lot of fun there. That's my Grandma's (the fake imposter grandma's) name. I don't know if she's ever been to China, but she's been to oklahoma.

  3. I think it's Wednesday afternoon, next week there, right?

  4. Actually, I didn't make it clear in my original post that I was writing from Moscow. [I've since edited]. We had a seven hour delay there. What a place, too in Moscow. It's just like the movies make it out to be: lots of smokers, vodka's cheaper than water and the women dress like they're right off of a 1980's Madonna video.

    Never saw McCain. And yes the sun rises above the horizon a long time before you see it.

    Fred, the lack of sleep [or time traveling into the future] has caused my brain to miss just about every reference you provided. Lemme get back to you later.

    I have no idea what day it is. Could be next Wednesday. I'll send the lottery numbers, Bryan