Monday, June 30, 2008

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey Saw Me Riding into Work This Morning

Late last night, I sent Bryan a note about meeting at Crane Coffee for a commute into to work. Bryan was a no show, but that's OK, because Mayor Mike Fahey saw me instead.

It's true: Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey Saw Me Riding into Work This Morning.

He waited patiently in line right behind me. I think that he ordered a tall coffee. Black. He's a no nonsense kind of guy. You know, straight to business and skip all that foofy-foofy stuff.

Since I could tell that he was waiting to ask, I told him that I appreciated the efforts he was making for the Omaha cyclists.

He then paused long enough to make me wonder if he thought that I had actually said "psycho-ists".

Crap! Why did I have to mumble at such a grand moment?!

Finally, his mouth formed the words, "Thanks, I enjoy it."

Whew! The Mayor saved the day once again. You see, ambiguity is what makes politics great. He was happy. I was happy. And nothing was accomplished. Fantastic!

And with that, he exited the coffee shop and got into a black SUV that his driver, errrr carpool, had idling outside.

Thanks Mr. Mayor, I enjoyed it, too.


  1. It took him so long because he was waiting for Anne Boyle to pull the puppett string that allows him to speak. Didn't you notice the wires?

  2. Are you sure that wasn't Mayor Adam West that you saw?

    BTW, I like my coffee to match the inside of my soul; black...dark....bitter....acidic....nutty...scalding....

  3. C'mon shim, show some respect. Instead of knocking Fahey, perhaps a little praise of Anne Boyle's puppetry mastery is more appropriate. I like to keep an affirming and positive atmosphere at steel-cut.

    Murphini: When originally searching for a suitable image for our good man, I came upon a different degree of Adam West. This one compares the Mayor's likeness to Batman's adversary The Joker.

  4. good for cyclists, bad for Rosenblatt.

  5. yeah, but Rosenblatt is bad for Omaha. That place sucks. It'll eventually be the cause of the Royals leaving.

  6. Isn't the mayor supposed to wear a sash that says "Mayor" on it? Who is this imposter?

  7. OK, the only problem is that I hate Anne Boyle. Do you really think either of them care about cyclist? The truth is that local big businesses are tired of paying for the health care cost of inactive employees and their offspring and decided to put preasure on the city to create more recreational opportunities, while I appreciate the benfits I get from this, I am not so nieve to believe that they actually care about us spandex wearing freaks, more so that they are interested in increaing their bottom lines through cost reductions. As a stockholder I appreciate that aspect, so really it is a win-win for me.