Saturday, June 28, 2008

Looking for Roger the Shrubber

The Omaha hurricane with 100 mph straight-line winds wasn't so kind to us yesterday. It could have been worse, indeed. Afterwards, it was as if a hurricane went through this place. Anywhere east of 90th Street had no power. Grocery stores were cash only and the lines at fast food drive thru windows stretched a block down the road. People had to eat!

Back home, a heavy oak branch punched a couple holes in our roof. Our neighbor got most of our oak on top of his garage and driveway. So we've been busy clearing the driveway so he can get his car out.

Soon, the insurance agent will settle to allow the reconstruction work of the garage, deck and fence, roofers and of course, the Shrubbers. Ni!

Oh well, we've done our part - time to go for a bike ride!


  1. that silver Beemer looks familiar ...

    glad you and Katherine are OK. Bad stuff there.

  2. I included snap of the BMW just for you. Not the same one that gave us trouble on Friday's commute though.

  3. Did you have to buy that chainsaw special, or are you just that handy?

  4. I'm handy. It's saved me a number of times over the years. If you buy a house with lots of old trees, it's good investment.

  5. Gas. It's quite a nice little bugger. Always hungry. Keep fingees (fingers) away.