Thursday, April 10, 2008


Please accept my apologies for being away lately. Time's been short.

My road to recovery has been going well. The visit to the PT and the hip exercises following have been successful. The bike fit likely had something to do with progress as well. So while I have yet to go beyond 8 miles on a single run, I've stepped up the frequency and mileage without any troubles. Furthermore, interval sessions have officially begun and I managed to put in 6 x 800 meters on Tuesday night. Granted, I sand bagged the first two and only ran the fourth interval near the red line before kicking back to 90% on the remaining two. But still, it's progress I'm feeling good about.

And that's all for the update now. Again, time is short.


  1. why no word on the sudden -- and one-time-only -- blog template change last night? That's what we (me) really want to know.

  2. I added the workout journal on the sidebar. There is an additional panel that I'd like to display but the existing template's margins won't support it. Maybe I'll switch templates.