Sunday, April 13, 2008


Today I completed my first bike-run workout, or a "brick" as tri-geeks call it, of the season. It was a 30 mile loop to Ft Calhoun followed by a 10K run.

Fighting the 20mph gusts from the north made going to Ft Calhoun a fine workout, followed by a delightful 30mph spin through Boyer's Chute. That was nice if not deserved. You know, I used to compare riding a motorcycle to well-written poetry. When the conditions are just right, as they were in Boyer's Chute today, cycling is like nirvana. The memories of this ride, of cycling through the vestigial chaff of last year's corn fields, will last a lifetime. They certainly stoke the desire to go out again for another ride soon.

And then there was the run to complete. Oh Nike, my former mistress, how fickle my heart is.

The transition to run was a little rough as I got the breathing all messed up and quickly developed one of the worst side cramps I've had in years. I had to shut it down and walk for a minute before slowly building up the tempo with a renewed focus on the breathing. It worked. Although it was a good run, I secretly wished that I was on the bike instead.

The best news is that the left knee is strong again. No troubles there.

As for the greater running world, I was happy to see that Ryan Hall ran a fantastic London marathon. While he didn't win it -- he was fifth -- the kid keeps getting stronger every time he goes out. Baring injury, he'll be a contender for many years to come.

Finally, after snow on this past Saturday, I think that we can finally say goodbye to one helluva nasty winter. 70s are promised for later this week.

Ah, the good life.


  1. Bwahahaha! You are turning to the darkside!! Soon all your running stuff will gather dust as you put in day after day on the bike. Until bad weather comes again. Then running sounds like a good idea when it's 20 degrees and breezy.

    Wish I could have been there to suffer the wind, then reap the benefits with you. It was a hard weekend of race activities so coming to work is kind of a relief.

    I think we should try to get something going for this next weekend. Bryan doesn't have any races, I'm not on call and it's going to be semi-decent weather. We should start making plans soon.

  2. Never. I'll never turn to the dark side. You've failed, your highness. I am a ...what's that you say? The weather's gonna be nice this weekend?

    What time and where should we meet?

    Speaking of meeting, the former Caribou coffee shop looks to be reopening soon if not already. What's the word?

  3. It's true. I don't anything happening this weekend. I'll have to check on which day works best, but one of them should be OK.

  4. Let's pick the better of the two days for the ride. I've got to do a long run on the other, and weather doesn't matter as much.