Friday, April 11, 2008

31st Annual Lincoln National Guard Half-Marathon

*** For Immediate release ***
Lincoln, NE. We are pleased to announce the following special guest for the 31st Annual Lincoln National Guard Half-Marathon.

Come to the Embassy Suites Runners' Expo to:
* Hear Brady's comments about Dean Karnazes comments during Dean's morning and afternoon speaking sessions.
* Witness Dean Karnazes meeting Brady as Dean mingles with runners throughout the day.

In 2006 Dean Karnazes completed an amazing endeavor of running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. The Lincoln Marathon course was his Nebraska stop on the 7th leg of this pursuit. Now he will return to participate in this year's weekend marathon festivities. He's also the dude that completed a nonstop 350-mile run.

But this is not about Dean.

Brady's career accomplishments have included:
* Winning the Sigma Phi Epsilon Run With a Heart 10K
* Winning the citizen's division Omaha Mile in 2007
* Finishing third (of three) in the bike race to the top of Dana College Hill
* Running a marathon
* Calculating how many tacos it would take to complete 350-mile run.

Running 350 miles burns about 45,000 calories, or roughly 265 of Taco Bell's best, which is about the same number of tacos I paid Munson to overhaul Old Yeller.

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