Friday, November 6, 2015

Shim's Rest Day (Vo2 Max Sessions)

This past week I did a brand new workout on my bicycle. I wish I could say it was from my coach, the Masters World Champion Mark Savery himself. But alas, it was not. This one came from my good old buddy, Shim, and it's a classic.

It goes like this.

Warm Up:
As you're spinning easy next to your cycling buddy, casually ask them what their workout plans are. Hopefully, they (Shim) will say it's their rest day. Now, Shim's rest days are anything but restful. Usually, sometime near the end of a five minute rollout, he becomes weary of the chit-chat and soft pedaling. That's when he goes rogue and makes up his own rest day workout. If he's had a good leg report, prepare to suffer.

Take the other day.

Brady: Hey Shim, what does Mark have you doing today?

Shim: It's Monday. I've got a rest day. I dunno, I'll probably just ride my bike.

Just ride my bike to Shim could mean anything -- an impromptu taco run, hitting the dirt trails on road bikes, or doing one of the hardest workouts you've ever done. Ever.

Main Set: Half Wheeling V02 Max Intervals
Allow Shim to settle into a pace just shy of a lactic acid threshold. Then, attempt to match his speed so you're riding directly next to him, side-by-side. As soon as your front wheels are parallel to each other, Shim will open up a small lead. This is called half-wheeling, where one's front wheel leads the other by a slim margin. What happens next is the key to this workout, so pay attention. Close that gap, so you're riding side-by-side once more. Now wait for it and watch as he slowly accelerates and opens another half wheel gap on you. Again, close it down to even it up. You won't have to wait long before he puts another half wheel on you. Close it down once more. Repeat, yada, yada, yada. This will continue until you've either run out of road or one of you has cracked.

Cool Down
After running out of road (one of you has cracked), you'll eventually catch your breath while spinning at a true rest day pace. Mind you, Shim will still be half wheeling you, but you're past caring anymore. Anyway, use this time to casually ask your cycling buddy what the hell that was all about.

Brady: "What the hell was that all about?"

Shim: "What was what about?"

Brady: "That half-wheeling?"

Shim: Half wheeling? Who was half wheeling?

Brady: Remain silent while rolling your eyes behind your sunglasses.

Shim: I wasn't half wheeling. And what got into you? Why were you being so competitive? I thought we were on a rest day. I was just riding my bike...

Yeah pretty good.

Thanks for reading. Happy Friday.

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