Friday, November 20, 2015

Five Is the Number

I need five races before Jingle Cross, which is only two weeks away.

The reason I need five races is because that's the minimum required to maintain a rating handicap. Having a rating before Jingle Cross is very important because it allows one to be seeded nearer to the front of huge fields. As of this writing, M45+ has 68 entries already. At eight across each row, not having a handicap could potentially land me in the 9th row.


The good news is that I have a plan. Even better, it's already underway:
1) Complete ONE Iowa State Cyclocross weekend (DONE: 12th/49)
2) Complete TWO Nebraska State Cyclocross races this weekend
3) Complete TWO Frosty Cross races over Thanksgiving weekend

If all goes to plan, I'll have my FIVE qualifying races over the three weeks leading up to Jingle Cross.

Suddenly, my abbreviated cx season got way more interesting.

Here's another thing that will be fun to watch: because my 2014 races have not yet expired, I am currently pre-seeded as high as 7th place at Jingle. This ranking is based on five decent results at races at the end of last year. The outcome of the five races that I do in 2015 is anyone's guess. For one, I have to complete all five to even receive a ranking. That means no DNFs. For seconds, just one bad result among the next four can send me back several rows at Jingle Cross.

Ha! This is going to be fun.

There was a time earlier this fall when I almost stepped away from racing this season. I was in a different place physically, and mentally then. This is the first time that I've had to deal with that feeling. It would have been very easy to step away. Honestly, more than once, I was tempted to say to hell with it -- there would always be next season. I'm glad I didn't. If for nothing else, this experience has afforded me some understanding and empathy when others take time off for various reasons.

Well, I am back now, and I'm gunning for five strong showings. My bike is ready, my body is ready, and my mind is ready.

Now, excuse me while I apply a liberal amount of extra strength Whoop Ass.

Happy Friday. Thanks for reading.

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