Friday, March 13, 2015

It Begins Again: Wednesday Night Worlds

I joined up with about six other riders to kick of the 2015 edition of Wednesday Night Worlds this past Wednesday evening.

Everything about this past Wednesday night was very similar to previous WNW group rides, including the pre-ride vapid stares into space. See for yourself, the side-by-side comparison to the first WNW of the 2010 season:

If I had a picture for the start of every single WNW, they'd all look like this.

As a veteran of this ride for several years now, I am quite familiar with the pre-ride space out ritual. It's at that time when we riders can savour our last moments where our heart rates are below 165 bpms. It's then when our glycogen levels are topped off, and lactic acid is merely potential in our legs. It's only at that moment, there's still enough breath for some small talk. And then, just before shoving off, we allow ourselves a moment to drift. Applying copious amounts of pressure to the pedals will have to wait until we roll down the road a short time later.

Come join in the fun. Yes, it's hard work. But oh golly, it's a good time.

Wednesday Night Worlds
Trek Store Midtown (Jones/NFM)
Wednedays, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM *

*6:00PM -8:30 PM when daylight permits.

Come ready. Be prepared with food, hydration and tools. Although this is spirited (drop ride), we do regroup, and are trying out a B group for newcomers and Cat 4-5 riders.

Hope to see you there.

Happy Friday and thanks for reading.

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