Thursday, May 24, 2012

Got Any Paper?

On New Year's Day I made a resolution to do things more traditionally. It started with putting down the smart phone and focusing my attention on the people around me. Next came a pledge to not miss another birthday or anniversary without getting a greeting card off in the mail. I was also going scrawl hand-written notes to long lost friends. On real paper. I even had a grand idea of writing an entire blog post on a Big Chief Yellow tablet and sending you each a copy in the mail.

I looked around, but realized that I didn't have any good paper. So I made a special trip to buy some decent stationery and greeting cards. Paper, cards and pens purchased. I cleared my desk. I was ready.

But did I do any of that?


I gave up on January 3rd, the day I missed getting a birthday card in the mail for my brother Matt. Sorry Matt. Sorry world. I suck.

Lots of those ideas were great. I may still do them one day.  I especially like the idea of a hand-written blog post. The best part of this idea is that it eliminates random comments from appearing beneath the post like, "Nice Blog. You wrote about a topic I like. Click here to buy Viagra".

What you see above is called comment hijacking.  Comment hijacking is an off-topic remark that results in a non sequitur. Unfortunately, regular readers of this blog practice comment hijacking too.  Shim does this a lot. His go-to comment hijack is a local musician named Charlie Burton.

ATTENTION: This blog has been hijacked. Continue reading on the fifth comment posted here.

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  1. "As long as there's no embarrassing photos of me partying with Charlie Burton out there somewhere, it's all good." -- Anon