Friday, May 6, 2011

Roach Coach Diet

Yesterday, the infamous UP lunch ride got diverted from its typical routine.

Normally, the UP lunch ride consists of leaving the rack at 1400 Dodge St at 11:45 for a 50 minute group ride. The pace is a moderate 16 mph avg, with as many as ten riders joining in. Occasionally, there are some short attacks and spirited tempo work, but mostly, it's simply good group riding time.

But as I said, yesterday was different. We paused to take in the sights, sounds and flavors of Cinco de Mayo.

So at 11:45, we left downtown for South O.

There was great anticipation and excitement among the group on this beautiful day.

Near Spring Lake park, my friend Bill got the yips and attacked, leading the only breakaway of the ride. It lasted all of 30 seconds before he blew up and sat in.

Fortunately for Bill, we were just a short distance from our Cinco de Mayo celebration, already underway at 24th Street and Vinton.

Whoops. Not much happening here. Oh yeah, the real party was going on across 24th street.

Yes indeed, the roach-coach parked in the O'Reilly Auto parts lot at 24th & Vinton is where it was at. After dismounting, we scanned the menu board for the best tex-mex chow on wheels around. Alhough the "Cuatro Taco Combo" was the crowd favorite, I threw down two burritos and a horchata drink.

Roach-Coach Nutrition
Of course, such a diet can wreak havoc on your training. Every once in awhile, it's okay I suppose. But I got to thinking how some of the my fellow local cyclists might think about the nutritional content of such tex-mex fare.

On the one hand, there's Marc Walter. As a coach that actually earns a living researching nutrition, Marc would probably poo-poo the entire idea.

On the other hand is Mark Savery. As a professed foodie, Mod would likely join in on the festivities, but after eating, would then produce some sort of road side 'cleanse' kit from his saddle bag and quickly duck into the nearest port-a-potty.

Shim would be all over this, too. In fact, he would order something that looked and smelled like it came from a port-a-potty. I know, ick. It's called menudo and it's a very acquired taste. But as yucky as it looks and smells, he'd chow down on it with gusto.

And Rafal? Well, he'd also take the menudo, add a little chorizo sausage and then chase it with a gallon of Tequila and three gallons of corn syrup.

it better not rain WTH am i going to to with
gallon of montezuma tequila and 3 gallons of corn syrup ?

For simplicity's sake, here's a convenient primer you can use the next time you get a hankering for roach coach grub

Simply look for the bold lettering on the menu board : CUATRO TACO COMBO. Proceed to stuff face.

Instead of taking the cuatro taco combo, point to any item on the menu board and say you'd like X number of those. Proceed to stuff face.

Step forward and confidently order what Shim's having. Pinch nose, stuff face and chase with what's in Rafal's cup.

Happy Seis de Mayo, everyone


  1. RD you really missed out.

  2. i have conference calls pretty much whole week around noon hour :(

  3. Menudo rocks! Someday I'll tell you about my first bowl. Executive summary: sure fire cure for a hangover.

    Roach coaches rule. Don't worry about the worker hygiene. Everyone needs their pipes cleaned out.

    Maybe I'll hook up with you guys one of these days at the rack, 11:45 sharp.

  4. Brady, If menudo and other beef body parts tickle your taste buds, you may want to ask the Roach Coach Chef for an order of Criadillas del Montanas Rocosas. Ol' Dad